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And no, it does not look like a Hong Kong or Singapore replica, but a truly Malaysian style. Some of the current places to explore in Ipoh is no other than Kong Heng Square and Concubine Lane in the Ipoh Old Town area.

For those into nature and adventure, there are numerous places in Perak to explore, like Gopeng and Slim River for the white water rafting and caving and for trekking, wildlife, bird watching and other nature experiences, Royal Belum State Park and Kinta Nature Park are the two main places to check out.

Melaka has been one of the most important ports of call from the years during 1400 to 1600 and has been heavily influenced by many different countries from around the world which include the Dutch, Portuguese, Javanese, Chinese, Arabs and Indians, where a cultural mix of ethnicity has evolved throughout the centuries here and thus making this place a beautiful and amazing place to visit. You will be treated with lots of historical and cultural charm here but apart from this, there are a lot more being offered in Melaka, as in interactive attractions, rides and shopping spots.

The multicultural mix here provides a lot of places of worship like temples, mosques and churches. We recommend taking the Melaka River Cruise to have a glimpse of the old Melaka.

In terms of handicraft, there is not much or not that I know of, however, if you know of some, please do share it here with me.

What to Expect in Perak Perak is one of the hottest states in Malaysia, especially in Ipoh so it is best to be prepared for the weather changes as when it rains, it pours there.

Most of the well known dishes are found around the Ipoh Old Town area but there are some notable places in Ipoh New Town area too.

Best Time to Visit Perak Anytime is a great time to visit Perak in 2017 where the rainy season is around March, April, October to December and September to December being the cooler time of the year.

The year end school holidays (Nov and Dec) are probably going to be really crowded with local tourist, so you should book early for some of the popular places. Perak is the next state up north from Selangor or Kuala Lumpur. From Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh, it is only a two hour train ride or drive while from KL to Taiping, it is a three hour drive.

The list of best places to visit in Malaysia for 2017 is; and this would be bringing more tourist to this state which is a couple of hours drive from Kuala Lumpur city and on the way up north to Penang.

Perak has been the epicentre of early Malaya during the colonial rule where tin mining was one of the biggest industries besides plantations.

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