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It could all be a little louder but I'm not really bothered by that, especially given the sort of intimacy I think this fragrance is meant for.Wow, this is my first blind buy that definitely went right.اما درباب ماندگاری باید بگم هیچ مورد مشابهی در عمرم ندیدم!پارسال عید در فرودگاه آبادان مقدار زیادی در حد یک میل بیشتر یعنی ده پانزده پاف رو فول ورین کردم و یک هفته تا ده روز بعد که کت و شلوار و پیرهن مشکی رو که تام فورد وتیورو روش پوشیده بودم از کاور دراوردم چنان بویی داشت که گویی امروز پوشیدم!It's gorgeous, a true gem: and now I've come to live with this as with a second wife : D Yes - Love at the last sniff ♡ Never give up on a scent!(Maybe a wife but not a scent) 10/10 A beautiful sub zero cool vetiver scent is the order of the day here....

I love the initial blast of citrus and vetiver in the opening and when the ultra smooth slightly sweet drydown comes into play this really is a thing of beauty.The volume dampens quickly, after about 3 minutes, and it's completely gone within half an hour to an hour.The scene that opens up after the grapefruit's solo is wet but in an unobtrusive, contained sort of way, like there's a creek nearby - maybe it's the oakmoss.I refer to this fragrance jokingly as "eu de daddy" -- not the cruel or domineering kind mind you, a capable dance lead's all I mean.If you’re a top and you’re looking forward to a fuckdate in the morning or afternoon, I think this is perfect for you.

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