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Smaller FTM communities are also developing on other video sharing sites such as Vimeo.

Facebook Like You Tube, Facebook’s Group features are lacking and the result is a dense mass of transgender related Facebook Groups with little or no activity.

I knew the Internet held great promise as an effective place to seek a partner.

Everyone else from pet owners to sports fans all had their own corner of the web to meet each other.

Part 2 of Trans Guys’ Finding Community Online series highlights a selection of forum and social networking sites for trans men.

FTM Surgery Support Forums A collection of searchable discussions that are focused on FTM transsexual surgery information and surgery support for trans men.

Live Journal LJ hosts a number of FTM communities such as FTM International’s FTM group, Trans Canada, and Trans Toronto.

Trans Passions A free online dating and social networking community for the transgendered community, MTF and FTM transsexuals, transvestites/ cross-dressers, drag queens, drag kings, female impersonators, male impersonators and everyone else who loves the trans community.

Susan’s Another older community, Susan’s FTM section is also quite active.

These folks who are attracted to transmen and gender-variant people have not had any venue to seek such partners.

By having it all out in the open on this niche site, there is finally a place to go looking.

Forums and social networks enable people to come together around shared interests and causes.

For transgender people they can also be an invaluable source of community.

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