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Couscous is particularly common in North African cuisines. Part of Austin Powers’s attire : ASCOT An Ascot tie is that horrible-looking (I think! ) wide tie that narrows at the neck, which these days is only really worn at weddings. The tie takes its name from the Royal Ascot horse race at which punters still turn up in formal wear at Ascot Racecourse in England.

In 1964, the company started selling toy trucks with the Hess logo on them, in Hess gas stations. Thomas simplified the Sanders menu, cutting it back from over a hundred items to just fried chicken and salads. “___ mañana” (procrastinator’s jokey motto) : CARPE 39. That was enough to launch KFC into the fast food business. The first part of that epic is “Inferno”, which is the Italian word for “Hell”. In the poem, Dante is led on a journey by the poet Virgil, starting at the gates of Hell on which are written the famous words “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”. Lear’s youngest : CORDELIA “King Lear” is one of William Shakespeare’s tragedies.

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