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Yanez was found not guilty last week of manslaughter in the July 2016 shooting.The deadly incident had only been seen previously in the aftermath video Philando's girlfriend broadcast on Facebook Live. Castile was pulled over in Falcon Heights, Minnesota for a busted taillight.I found the landscape of the cinematography beautiful and breathtaking.

The officer tells him not to reach for it, Castile tries to explain he's NOT reaching for it ... Officer Yanez claimed he feared for his life during the traffic stop.

With the launch of the E-M5, Olympus harks back to one of its most fondly-remembered camera systems - the Olympus OM range of 35mm SLRs.

The E-M5 is the first camera in an OM-Digital lineup that will run alongside the PEN series and, according to the company, its Four Thirds models.

The head of the Metropolitan Police Federation joined forces with Tory MPs last night to condemn the “abhorrent” actions of two retired officers who helped to bring down Damian Green.

Ken Marsh, chairman of the organisation that represents 30,000 rank-and-file officers, strongly criticised leaks...

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Historically many of the biracial descendants of this country's slave owning founding fathers never benefited from the wealth and privilege of the white ancestors.

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