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A simpler form of the double-slit experiment was performed by Thomas Young in 1801 (well before quantum mechanics).

Most of the automotive manufacturers have got some level of automation in cars today, but certainly by 20 we would expect to see significant autonomous capabilities in cars moving forward towards 2025.” And finally the connected car, which uses sensors to collect data such as real-time traffic information to benefit the driver, and maintenance data to enable manufacturers to monitor and predict if and when things go wrong.

These results demonstrate the principle of wave–particle duality.

The experiment can be done with entities much larger than electrons and photons, although it becomes more difficult as size increases.

There is a huge amount of change taking place across the automotive industry and the moment and British car-maker Jaguar Land Rover is no exception.

Speaking at Dell EMC World 2017 in Las Vegas this week, CIO Simon Bolton outlined his digital transformation plans and the company’s key priorities as it looks to keep pace in a world becoming increasingly dependant on software.

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The modern double-slit experiment is a demonstration that light and matter can display characteristics of both classically defined waves and particles; moreover, it displays the fundamentally probabilistic nature of quantum mechanical phenomena.

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