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I’ve been resurrecting Live Speed Dating (LSD) for quite sometime after it got a booster shot and I was able to our application a bit.

But as the recession cast a chill across Silicon Valley, Woo Me was among the many startups that got hit hard, resulting in job cuts as well as a move toward experimental features, such as Woo Me TV.

In 2008, Woo Me began producing "original content" in the form of Woo Me TV, which allowed users to actually watch recorded video sessions between other users, given both relevant parties' consent.

This reality-TV idea was considered "creepy" by our panel of experts back in 2008, on our show Vator Box, with guest hosts Marissa Mayer, then VP of Location and Local Services for Google, and Ezra Roizen of Ackrell Capital.

Their annual revenue is estimated to be around million, with million in profit.

Founder James Hong was interviewed by Venture Beat on the sale of Hot or Not.

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Interestingly enough, in that episode, Roizen raised concerns about Woo Me's significant hurdle the startup team placed before themselves with the cash infusion, given their current user base size at the time.

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